Saturday, July 30, 2011

Cpl. Breck Scott Has a Visitor

Mike at A Cop's Watch went to visit Cpl. Scott in Houston yesterday.  Please read his report here.

Cpl. Scott is recovering from his fourth surgery in less than two weeks on his leg which was injured in a terrible motorcycle crash last April.  The good news is that it looks like they've saved his leg, but the has a long, long, long road in front of him.  Cpl. Scott described the surgery to KTBS before he left:

"It's going to be four surgeries. The first three, they're going to go in there and clean (the infection) out and put some antibiotic wash in there," Scott said Thursday at his home in Shreveport. "The fourth surgery, they're going to go four inches down my leg and break it right here and put that apparatus on." That device will stretch his leg and allow the bones to connect again so that his injured leg can become the same length as his other one. "It could take up to two years to go in there and work on that bone and get it to grow and fuse to that ankle," Scott said.
SIGIS has been running a fundraiser to help Cpl. Scott and his family with costs not covered by insurance.  We've got two more weeks running on the fundraiser before I forward all proceeds to the Capital One fund set up for him.

You can donate through this blog by hitting the Donate button at the top of the sidebar, or you can donate directly to Capital One.  Make the check out to Breck Scott, put "For Deposit Only" on the back, and reference acct. number 5732676084. The address for Capital One Bank is 333 Travis Street, Shreveport, LA 71101.

In addition, via KTBS, there will be a benefit golf tournament this month to help with costs as well:

E.G. Huckabay Lodge #3 of the Fraternal Order of Police is scheduled to host a benefit golf tournament in honor of Corporal Breck Scott.Corporal Scott is a Shreveport motorcycle officer who was seriously injured in a crash four months ago.He recently underwent his fourth and final operation at a Texas Hospital.The golf tournament will help with expenses not covered by insurance.The four person scramble is scheduled for Tuesday, August 30th at Querbes Golf Course in Shreveport.The entry fee is $240 per team, prizes will be awarded to the top contenders.Any inquiries should be directed to Corporal Bill Vincent at 318-673-7262. 

Here at SIGIS we've collected just over $100; please consider making a small donation today.  No amount is too small and every little bit helps!  It's good to help others!  Donate!  And to those of you who have made a contribution already, thank you.

Also thanks to Right on the Left Coast for their linkage and participation in helping Cpl. Scott and his family.

Cpl. Breck Scott Recovering From Surgery
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