Saturday, July 30, 2011

Full Metal Jacket Reach Around: Jennifer's Birthday Trip to Second Hand Rose Edition

We had a fun day at Second Hand Rose Antiques today; it was my friend Jennifer's birthday and she came over to Milly's with a couple of other friends and they made a day of it.  Jennifer and Milly are kindred souls and hit it off famously.  Milly even knew Jen's grandmother.  Small world.

While there I picked up the chair I'd bought and of course found a couple of other small things.  I'm not refinishing the chair but I am going to reupholster the seat.  I'm kind of looking forward to finding the perfect fabric and getting one more project done before school starts.  I have one more week of summer vacation.

I'll scatter a couple of Milly pics through the links:

If the debt debate is getting you down, watch Marco Rubio over at Adrienne's.  You'll feel better.

And as long as you're watching videos, head over to The Daley Gator and watch Rick Perry.

Also on video, American Power has a great Rush Limbaugh clip.

Jimmie Bise has proof that you have not "plumbed the depths of idiocy in the debt ceiling debate."

Speaking of "the depths of idiocy," Pirate's Cove suggests Nancy Pelosi might just be there.

Bread Upon the Waters compares the Reid and Boehner bills.

If you read NOTHING else about the debt ceiling debate, read The Other McCain's post.

Wyblog is back from the beach.

Ed Driscoll reports that Obama is bummed that the markets aren't tanking.

Doug Ross has a list of conservative websites; I guess I'm number 151. 

Be sure to read A Cop's Watch and his report on his visit to Cpl.. Breck Scott.

If you're still trying to keep score in the debt ceiling debate, Saberpoint's post might help.

An excellent post at Bungalow Bill's on Nikki Haley's defense of the Confederate flag.

Political Junkie Mom on Debt Kabuki and Noonan regret.

Paco is still searching for Obama's debt ceiling plan.

So glad someone blogged this; I saw it and didn't take the time.  Tina looks at President Bush's explanation of his reaction to 9/11.

Michelle Malkin has your Saturday Night Kabuki Bickerfest.

Troglopundit takes time to welcome Smitty on his new arrival, as does Obi's Sister who posts the most adorable picture ever.

Legal Insurrection has the best suggestion of the day.

Right on the Left Coast takes a look at the issue of teachers blogging.

The awesome Mind Numbed Robot has proof that Steve Wynn was right.

Okay, that'll have to do it for this week.  It's been a long, long day and this girl is ready for an Octoberfest and some down time.  Happy weekend!

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Tina said...

Thanks for the link Pat! And as to your ranking, you're always Top 10 on the MKB (My Kinda Blog) list!