Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Casey Anthony Trial Is Wrapping Up: Anybody Care?

Since I can't move around too much right now I am parked on the couch with the television on.  The Casey Anthony trial is wrapping up today and going to deliberations.  I've watched precious little of this trial and followed it only in passing.

Anyone out there watching this thing?  Anyone care?  Fox News has been covering this thing like the OJ trial - practically wall to wall and all with a parade of "experts."

What do you think?


Sandy said...

I'm not interested! Felt from the very beginning the b**** was guilty!

Mike Thiac said...

I despise the coverage everyone is giving this tragedy. And I would like to kick the judge's ass for letting it be televised. My wife loves to watch it....I either mute it, change the channel or freeze the play and fast forward later.

What happened to this family and the child is beyond words....but the morons who come on TV every day, after eight hours of of court coverage leads to a spectacle that makes Judge Judy or Divorce Court look dignified.

Tina said...

Not me. I do wish every American would go down to their local courthouse and watch an ordinary trial just once from start to finish because it is a good way to learn how our courts work. But that would be a whole different experience than these sensational TV trials with constant commentary. Lots of people find them very fascinating, though, and I think they can help one understand how juries can come to a verdict different from the 'popular' opinion.

Glad your garage sale went well. We had one in May and didn't make as much as we normally do. I think even at garage sales people are not buying as freely - belt tightening all around. Save the leftovers for next time - the customers will never know! :-)

Take care of your poor bruised ankle. I hope it heals quickly!

Mike Thiac said...


I wish the case would have been handled like the Andrea Yates case in Houston. She killed all five of her kids n 2001.

The judge allowed televising of the opening remarks and the reading of the verdict (he may have also allowed televising of the closing remarks) but there was no wall to wall coverage on TV, idiot experts telling everyone what the strategy was, etc. And the case wrapped up in a few weeks.

We're guaranteed an open trail....but it doesn't have to be televised. In a high vis case it only guarantees an undignified spectacle.

Pat Austin Becker said...

Today is the first day I watched at any length. I'm glad I didn't waste many days doing that; I wanted to stick needles in my eyes by the time I quit.

Tina said...

Mike, yes, that would be appropriate coverage. I agree that just because we have TV and the internet does not mean either take the place of true "public" presence.

I think the commentators are a problem. Not individually or personally, but the format of running commentary itself.

To be a member of the audience, hearing only what is really happening and absorbing it for one's own self, is very very different than having the reality constantly "interpreted" to the point that the audience is being told what to think about it.

steve said...

There use to be a time the only way to report on a trial was to put reporters in the courtroom, and all they could do was scribble in their notebooks. The only picture you got to see was the drawings that looked like caricature paintings from an amusement park.
There were no cameras to perform before, just reporters to do your job in front of.
I think if they go back to the way it was done before, the lawyers would practice law instead of audition to be the next Judge Judy.