Thursday, July 21, 2011

Pundette Has Been Taken Over by The Onion

Been busy this morning in the kitchen, grocery shopping and other random errands.  I've settled back in online now and what did I find right off the bat?  The Onion has taken over Pundit & Pundette's blog.  I'm sure of it.

I'm speechless.

Go read it.


G. R. said...

I was watching a documentary on the History Channel last night about the Third Reich, and there was a segment about how some of the people sent letters of undying devotion to a certain leader on his 50th birthday. Just saying.

Tony said...

Did you get to the part where the Nazi Party staged a false flag event (the burning of the Reichstag building) to implement Homeland Security measures against a contrived enemy? Just saying.

G. R. said...

The same way the Nazis staged attacks on the German people and blamed it on the Poles to justify the invasion of Poland.

Let's see, in modern day Obamaland, the Attorney General sold guns to narco-gangs in Mexico to track and to find out how guns get into the hands of narco-gangs in Mexico! WAKE UP AMERICA!