Saturday, April 14, 2012

Take A Springtime Trip To Second Hand Rose Antiques in Minden, La.

It's been a while since I've done a good thorough photo run through Second Hand Rose Antiques in Minden so we decided to Jeep on over there today ("Jeep" is now a verb) and see what's new.  Milly Rose has been leaving tantalizing messages on my Facebook wall and the lure was just too hard to resist.

We were last over there about three weeks ago when we stopped by her shop after we picked up the new Jeep in Minden.  We didn't stay long to visit and I didn't have the memory card in my camera so that trip didn't result in many photos.  I more than made up for it today with nearly 100 pictures now downloaded.  Don't worry - I won't post them all here.

The weather was perfect for a windows-down drive today; we left the top up today because the clouds seemed to be building and we didn't want to have to stop and pull up the top in case of showers; as it turned out there were no worries.  We arrived safe and dry about 1:00.

I've never noticed this funky vintage end table before:

Need a brass eagle?

Up on the third floor there is a huge mish-mash of furniture, glassware, trunks, tools and books.  This chair looks like it needs to be on someone's porch:

Or this one with a high back:

I've posted a picture of this piece before but I just love it; wish I had a place for it:

There are multiple tables up there loaded with glassware:

Here's an odd assortment of pate knives:

And hors d'oeuvres forks:

Carnival glass:

I remember this reader from my elementary school days; brings back memories:


In the basement I found this basket of ornaments made from giant chili peppers:

An old tool box:

A deep basket of buttons:

I love these old maps:

Vintage agricultural publications:

A collection of Zippo lighters:

Vintage railroad stuff:

Here's a shot down one of the aisles; Milly calls them "pig trails" because the shop is so crowded:

This old toy xylophone is cute:

Milly loves this Westmoreland piece; it's in great condition:

And here's a Titanic sign:

Milly has lots and lots of jewelry; here, a box of cameos:

There are four of these huge cases of jewelry:

Here's another one:

The Elvis case:

This old candlestick phone is cool:

These funky orange lamps are neat; there are two of them:

Of course Heidi and Rosie have to get in the act with this old Grapette case:

And here's an old Boston Celtics pennant that is pretty neat:

And look in this case:

Yep - I crawled right in there and got out this old, old mesh drawstring pouch to bring home with me:

I also scored this great silver candlestick.  Steve:  "Where's the other one?"  I don't care if there's only one - I think it's gorgeous!

When we left Milly's we went to Habacu's Mexican Restaurant right next door; the food is fabulous and really reasonably priced.  It's also one of the few places in Minden I know of where you can get beer or a drink with dinner:

It was getting late so we loaded into the Jeep and headed up highway 80 back to Shreveport:

All in all it was a grand day, we had a wonderful visit and a good time.  If you're in the area stop in and visit with Milly Rose.  I believe she truly has one of everything in the shop and if she doesn't have it she can probably find it.  Give her a call at 318.371.9830 if you see something you can't live without here.  She'll make you a deal and ship it right out to you.  Her Facebook page is here.


Andy said...

I meant Minden, not Natchitoches.


Mike Thiac said...

MikeAT fiancee, here.

I want that end table!!!

I can't wait to met you guys and hit Second Hand Rose's place!!!! (You can edit out this last line if you need to.)

Pat Austin Becker said...

Sure ya did Andy, sure ya did. We know! ;)

Tina said...

That rattan settee IS nice. It would be great on a covered patio, with a nice ceiling fan over it... :-D

I like the Westmoreland rooster. Their milk glass was so beautiful. I have a bunch of unmarked (probably Indiana Glass) milk glass hen-on-nest dishes that I use to serve chicken and egg noodles or chicken pot pie in. Wouldn't do that with Westmoreland glass but the cheap ones look really cute on the table!

So what's the little "Buy War Bonds" item we can see part of on the table next to your gold mesh evening bag and silver candlestick (I used to know a lady who collected single candlesticks)? Inquiring (Home Front Collecting) Minds want to know...

Pat Austin Becker said...

Oh that's a tiny tin of mints with a replica poster on top I got at the Barksdsle AFB museum! Good eye! :)