Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Bride is Back!

I'm thrilled to death to see Bride of Rove back on the rails and blogging again.  This makes me very happy.  She's one of the sharpest tools in the shed, brightest colors in the box, the french fry that completes the Happy Meal - pick your cliche.

Like many of us in the conservative blogosphere, Bride took a little break to reassess and refresh. It's good to have her back online.  You can't say that about a lot of bloggers because

a) some are just echo chambers that copy/paste what others have written and link to it, adding no original thought of their own 
b) some are so motivated by blog hits that it clouds their judgment when it comes to posting items of interest and you might as well just stick to Memeorandum.  
c)  some don't contribute to the well-being of the conservative blogosphere and post in a vacuum, never linking to other bloggers and thereby supporting smaller blogs; similarly, there are some that link only to their clique bloggers - aka the Kool Kids Klub

That being said, the landscape of the conservative blogosphere looks a little different than it did a couple of years ago.  Bride of Rove asks:

What the hell has happened to the conservative blog-o-sphere? I took a few months off. I admit it. Sometimes a blogger needs to take a break, get some perspective, reassess the situation and come back refreshed. But what I see now are dead bogs littering the web, blogs like Pundit & Pundette gone completely off the rails and an air of fear, almost, hovering over them. Did people get audited by the IRS? Freaked out over the NSA big data machines? What other buzz-search word can I invoke to end up in hell? Did I get them all?

Many of the great conservative bloggers are still here:  Legal Insurrection has never missed a beat, for example.   And Professor Jacobson has even expanded his blog empire with College Insurrection.  Another conservative blog that is doing just fine and growing is Da Tech Guy.  With his radio show and his Magnificent Seven bloggers, Pete is doing pretty well.  The Other McCain is holding steady.  Doug Ross is as consistent as ever and his daily Larwyn Linx sends his readers to blogs of all sizes.

Some other reliable conservative bloggers include Political Clown Parade, American Power, The Pirate's Cove, Reaganite Republican, Sister Toldjah, and Wyblog.  They've all held steady even when I faltered and burned out.

The big conservative blogs are still doing fine, like Michelle Malkin (who has linked me a couple of times), and Ann Althouse (who has never linked me).  Instapundit is thriving (who has linked me), and Gateway Pundit (who hasn't linked me).  Of course as an aggregation site you can't beat Drudge.

As to the fallen, I miss Backyard Conservative, Little Miss Attila (who has really migrated over to Conservative Commune), and what has happened to Jimmie Bise at The Sundries Shack?  Political Junkie Mom has been silent since April, and Mind Numbed Robot last posted in July.  Bungalow Bill is now a private blog (I didn't get invited).

Some of us have had life changing events occur, such as Obi's Sister.  I'm not sure what Pundette is doing; I hope she's just resting and reassessing and will be back on the political front soon.  Hey, if Mark Steyn was giving me shout outs and linking to me, I'd definitely plan on bouncing back!

There are some new blogs that I need to explore and get to know (new to me, at least).  Dan From Squirrel Hill's Blog looks interesting.   Constant Conservative has been around since 2008 but has been under my radar.  I like Right Wing Granny.  I'm sure there are more, but I've been on a bit of a break myself so I'm rather out of the loop.

At any rate, I'm thrilled that my buddy Bride is back on "The Internets" and I hope that more of us come back online in the days ahead. I hope the big blogs will continue to link and support those of us that are small and struggling because in the end, we need all of the conservative voices we can get.  It's not a competition among blogs.  It's about taking back America, at least in my opinion.

And hey, if you are a conservative blogger and want to be added to my blogroll, let me know.  Leave a comment or send an email.  I'm basically coming off life support so I can't send you anything like an Instalanche, but I will link you.

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Adrienne said...

Bride is one smart cookie. Glad to "see" her again.

Curmudgeon said...


You can't imagine how delighted I was to see the link to my place and the description you provided of "reliable conservative blogger."

I agree with the assessment made by Bride and you.

Let's hang tough for the upcoming midterms and push through to 2016. We must stand guard for liberty.

Take care my friend. May God bless you.

BoR said...

Thank you for the link back. Was unable to post today due to work and a complete inability to process the epic avalanche of political badness in the news today. Baby steps.