Saturday, January 23, 2016

Stitch Fix Review: My First Fix is Fabulous!

It's like Christmas!
It's here!

My first "Fix" from the online styling service, Stitch Fix!

I love everything in it.  At the bottom of this post is My Basic Blurb about how Stitch Fix words and here is the post I did with some reviews of the company.

So this Fix was filled with some really basic things that I wanted and had pinned to my Pinterest board and reflects exactly what I wrote in my note to my stylist when I scheduled the order.

First and foremost, I got the Kut From The Kloth bootcut jeans which fit better than any jeans I've ever owned.  They are exactly perfect in length and waist.  They are perfection and very, very comfortable.  Total love.  I will live in these jeans.  Forever.

Next was this black, jersey Dolman top - absolutely perfect.  I love the length and it is as soft as it can be.  I had requested a black top and the stylist delivered.

41Hawthorn Queensland Dolman

I love the fit!

Next out of the box was this gorgeous dark green tab-sleeve blouse.  I indicated on my profile that green is a favorite color and a fondness for jewel tones and again, the stylist listened.  This is a medium and is a little snug, so I'm swapping it out for a large; I have broad shoulders. It's polyester and the color is perfect for me. This photo washes it out a little, but it's a lovely, rich dark green.

41Hawthorn Colibri Solid Tab Sleeve Blouse

I also got this beautiful checkered infinity scarf which is great because I needed one.  The colors are a beautiful orange, cream, and gray; it's not too bulky when you put it on, and it's absolutely the softest material ever.  I can wear this with a lot of things I already have as well as with the black top I received today, or even the green one.

Octavia Tina Checkered Infinity Scarf

Finally, this fab grey cardigan - they call it Gino Mixed Material Cardigan, and it's perfect for me.  The color will go with almost anything I have and it's light enough to wear well into spring. I love the drape front and the sleeves are plenty long without being too long on me.  If it looks bulky in this picture, it's not; it's lightweight and very nice.

Skies are Blue Gino Mixed Material Cardigan
I'm not into selfies but here is the cardigan on:

Everything I received in this fix (except for probably the scarf!) is hand wash, hang dry, which is great.

Stitch Fix also includes a styling card for each piece and a note from your stylist with suggestions.

The best part -- since I love all five items, I'll get a 25% discount on the entire order!

So, I know some of my Facebook friends are thinking about trying it and my recommendation is to go for it.  I'm totally ready to schedule another Fix!  From here, I'll update my Stitch Fix Pinterest board; when I schedule my next box there is a place for me to leave a note for my stylist about what I'd like to get. For example, if I want another pair of jeans but in a different wash, or some trousers for work, or just all tops, they'll do that.

When I originally signed up, I signed up for a once a month box, but I may change that and request another one in a couple of weeks and then settle into a once a month thing. If you don't want to make that kind of commitment, you can absolutely schedule just one box at a time.

At any rate, I'm quite pleased with the things I got and the quality is better than I was actually expecting. I'm already looking forward to Box #2!

Go to the Stitch Fix site and fill out a personal profile.  You can schedule a "Fix" at any time or set up a recurring date if you wish. You pay a $20 "styling fee" for each box which applies to your purchase should you keep anything in the box. If you buy all five items in the box you also get a 25-percent discount on the total. 

The box includes a pre-paid bag for you to return what you don't want to keep. For each referral, or friend you get to sign up, you also get a $25 credit to your account once their "Fix" ships.  The service uses your profile that you fill out as well as access to a Pinterest board you give them (optional) where you have pinned styles and clothes you like.  

If you Google "Stitch Fix Review" you'll find lots of blogs with lots of women sharing photos and reviews of their boxes.  There are also multiple Facebook pages/groups where people buy/sell/trade and discuss their boxes.

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