Monday, January 11, 2016

Who Wants to Try Stitch Fix With Me?

I'm going to try a Stitch Fix box.

Who wants to try it with me?  Here's your link!

There is nobody on the planet who hates to shop more than me; hate hate hate.  That's why 90% of the time you'll see me in jeans from Old Navy and a TSR LA Baby Mommas t-shirt.  If it's cold, jeans and my LSU hoodie.

It's not that I don't care what I wear, necessarily, but that I just don't care enough to go among the masses and thumb through sale racks and shop.  I hate trying things on. I hate putting outfits together.  When I do back-to-school shopping (if I have to...), I buy khakis and whatever goes with khakis.

So a good friend told me about Stitch Fix.  I did some online research and found both good and not so good reviews.  Further research showed me that your best results are going to require your honest communication with your stylist and a realistic Pinterest board of styles that you like that you set up for your stylist to review.

The way it works is that you pay a $20 styling fee. Fill out the questionnaire about your preferences and then you can schedule just one box.  You can schedule boxes however you want - just one box, one every month, one every two weeks, whatever. They send you five items, from accessories to outfits and a style card that shows you how to mix, match, and style what they send you.  You can keep any or all of the five items. If you keep just one, even, your $20 applies to the cost.

It's not a subscription service; you can do just one box, if you want, without having to go back in and cancel.  One and one.

Also, each person who tries Stitch Fix with your referral number is a $25 credit to your account.  So who wants to try it with me?!

For a girl like me who hates to shop, this is great.

Don't expect WalMart prices (nor WalMart quality) though. The average price for each piece is about $50. You fill out your price preferences on your initial profile.  The bonus here is in not having to go shop and in getting your own personal stylist who selects items based on what your profile indicates, and having it delivered to your door.

So, bored with my khakis, and with a serious aversion to shopping, I'm going to try it.

My first box will arrive January 25.  Expect a review.

Click here and give it a shot with me!

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Jayhawk said...

"There is nobody on the planet who hates to shop more than me; hate hate hate."

I may not hate it more than you, but I'll bet I equal you. That's one of many reasons I consider my wife a blessing in my life. She buys all of my clothes and has far better taste than I do.