Sunday, May 1, 2011

I Liked Atlas

We did it - we saw Atlas Shrugged.  So glad the Robinson Film Center brought it to Shreveport!  I'm not going to do a whole review of the film but will instead link you to Hot Air which says exactly what I thought of the movie.  Like Ed at Hot Air, I avoided all reviews of the film before I went, mostly because I didn't want to know exactly where Part I was going to end.

Steve hasn't read the book and he like it too, so reading the novel is certainly not a prerequisite.  He was, however, a little disheartened at the end - "You didn't TELL me it was Part I!  Are you going to tell me what happens?"

I didn't.  I gave him the book.

Go see it if you get the chance. But hurry.  It's only here until May 5.

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