Thursday, June 28, 2012

The ObamaCare Verdict Live-Blog

Here we go.

As we wait for the long anticipated Supreme Court ruling on ObamaCare here are some links you might be interested in.

Legal Insurrection is on the story and will be updating.  Professor Jacobson's analysis is always spot on.

ScotusBlog will have the ruling immediately at their live blog site here.

Tabitha Hale outside the Supreme Court and offers this picture of the chaos outside:

Stay tuned for updates.

Update 1:  More coverage at CSPAN.

Ed Morrissey has an open thread up at Hot Air.  His prediction?

 I think there’s still a decent chance that the court might uphold it, but a slightly better chance that the whole thing will get tossed, more out of convenience than anything else, but the mandate will still be the key. 

The only prediction I'm making is that the ObamaCare ruling will be the last one.  There are other rulings to come in like the Stolen Valor case.

Update 2:  Here come the opinions.

Alvarez case:  the decision of the Ninth Circuit is affirmed.  Stolen Valor is unconstitutional but Congress may be able to do a new law.

Update 3:  Mandate is unconstitutional via Fox.

The opinion is authored by Chief Justice John Roberts.

Wait:  SCOTUS blog says the individual mandate survives as a tax.  Everyone is trying to figure it out.  The mandate may have been struck down in the commerce clause but struck down as a tax.

Don't panic yet.

Update 4:  It appears that the mandate survives; Chief Justice joins the left side of the court on the mandate.  The law will stand.

The law will stand.

Well, this buts Romney in a difficult position, doesn't it?  One of his campaign points is that he will repeal ObamaCare on day one.

Update 5:  Obama will speak within the hour on the decision.  I won't be watching that one.  Sorry.

Professor Jacobson has a pep talk.

Update 6:  There will be a lot of parsing to come.  I'm no legal expert by any means.  But it seems to me that what they've said is that if you don't buy insurance then the government can "tax" you.  The government can mandate that you buy insurance and if you don't, they can tax you.  Can't we repeal taxes?

You want to read the decision?  Here it is.

Let's find some more informed commentary.

Shannon Bream broadcasting from the steps of the Supreme Court, says that the Court holds that Congress cannot penalize states by taking away their Medicaid funding, under the ruling if the states refuse to accept the new influx of new Medicaid patients..

Statement from Mitch McConnell:

“Today’s decision makes one thing clear: Congress must act to repeal this misguided law. Obamacare has not only limited choices and increased health care costs for American families, it has made it harder for American businesses to hire. Today’s decision does nothing to diminish the fact that Obamacare’s mandates, tax hikes, and Medicare cuts should be repealed and replaced with common sense reforms that lower costs and that the American people actually want. It is my hope that with new leadership in the White House and Senate, we can enact these step-by-step solutions and prevent further damage from this terrible law.”  

Nothing yet from Romney.

Update 7:  On Twitter, Michelle Bachmann:

Ed Morrissey:
So what now?  Mitt Romney and Republicans can now run on repeal as a big issue in the campaign.  They should emphasize the tax argument when they do, because this tax hits everyone.  The ruling may alleviate some of the bad polling the ACA has received, but probably not by much.  It’s going to remain deeply unpopular for the next few months.  On top of that, the decision to uphold the law also means that the fight is still on over the HHS contraception mandate.  We can expect the Catholic bishops to keep up the pressure on the Obama administration’s attempt to define religious expression for the purpose of controlling and limiting it — and we can probably expect the challenge to it to reach the Supreme Court, too. 

 Eric Cantor has announced that the House will vote (again) to repeal the health care law on July 11.  For all the good that will do.  Why bother?  The Senate will laugh and throw it back.

Update 8:  As the folks at SCOTUSBlog parse the opinion, Amy Howe notes that "those subject to the individual mandate may lawfully forgo health insurance and pay higher taxes, or buy health insurance and pay lower taxes."

It seems to me now that the thing to do is to defeat Obama in the fall and take the Senate.  That's never been more important.

For the record, the stock market is currently tanking.

Update 9:  Check out this "calculator" at WaPo to see how ObamaCare will affect you.

Current Drudge screenshot:

Certainly this all becomes a political issue now.  ObamaCare is the largest tax in American history.

Via Twitter, the Romney campaign says they've raised over $100,000 since the ruling came down.

Update 10:  Juan Williams:  "We live in very partisan political times."  That's why they pay him the big bucks to comment on Fox News.

Awaiting comments now from John Boehner and Mitt Romney.  I won't be covering Obama's comments.  You can find that on your own if you're so inclined.

Via Twitter:


Update 11:  Lots of reaction at Memeorandum.

Update 12:  So much for civility in discourse.

Marco Rubio on Fox:  "You don't have to buy health insurance but if you don't you're out of compliance and you have an IRS problem."

Jeffery Lord says this could be the beginning of a political revolution:
Obama…who adamantly insisted the individual mandate was not a tax…has now been saddled by the Supreme Court as the taxer-in-chief.This in fact can be a huge potential victory for -- Mitt Romney.This is Romney's moment to lead the charge against tax increases, in this case the ultimate insult -- a tax for simply drawing a breath. A tax mandated by the Supreme Court and propagated by his opponent.
Still awaiting comments from Romney.

Update 13:  Ann Coulter tweets:

And VP contender, Bobby Jindal:

Romney in his speech now vows to repeal ObamaCare.

"What the court did today was say that the court does not violate the Constitution."   Romney says the law is bad law and raises taxes on the American people by $500 billion dollars and cuts Medicare by $500 billion dollars.  Romney says up to twenty million Americans will lose their current insurance under ObamaCare and that ObamaCare is a job killer.  "Most troubling of all is that ObamaCare puts the federal government between you and your doctor."

Romney wants to keep in place pre-existing conditions coverage.  He also vows to help lower the cost of health care and health insurance.

"This is the time for the American people to make a choice," he says.  Are you comfortable with more deficits?  Bigger government?  Or do you want to return to a time when consumers make their own choices in health care.

If we want to get rid of ObamaCare we have to get rid of Obama, he says.

"We must replace ObamaCare."

Romney took no questions.

The stock market is -135.51 right now.

I'm going to sign off here for now.  We've still got the Eric Holder contempt vote today so maybe there will be some nugget of fun today.

Do no be disheartened.  Regroup and reload.  We have the ballot box in November and like it or not, your best shot right now is Mitt Romney.  Get involved and do whatever you can to support Romney and get him elected.

Retake the Senate.

Never give up.


Red said...

Semantics. What will November really bring? More of the same.

Kartman said...

Obama denied on several occasions that this is not a tax. Obama's lawyer argued before the court that it is a tax and must have been convincing because the justices bought into his argument. He actually sounded like a fool as anyone would who tried to defend this bill. Pray for republicans to be elected this Nov.

Kartman said...

I should have said " Obama said on several occasions that this is not a tax".

Red said...

Pray that whoever gets elected (ABO: Anybody But Obama) can resurrect our Constitution. I think I just heard a flatline...

Tony said...

Maybe lay off the "praying" approach, and come back to reality. Your boy Roberts just burst your bubble.

Mike Thiac said...

Never in my worse nightmare would did I think I would do this. I just set up a monthly donation to Romney. His web site received 100K in the first hour after the ruling and the RNC is saying it's over a million.

If Obama is reelected, this country is doomed.

yukio ngaby said...

Hey let's all remember that the original plan was to win the Senate and White House and then rid us all of this junk. That's STILL the plan. Nothing's changed about that at all.

Jim said...

No matter what any president proposes, only Congress can pass laws. Congress passed it, and congress can repeal it. The president, whoever he is, has no vote. Jindal, in his statement, said that Obama forced this on us. No, he didn't, although he wanted it. Congress did it. Congress is responsible, and we must hold them responsible.

Pat Austin Becker said...

@Mike: I did, too.

@Tony: Do not presume that my "bubble" is burst.

@yukio: Have missed you!!! And you are right; the plan remains the same.

Tony said...

So let me get this straight, geniuses...

You're complaining that the ACA will bankrupt us all with taxation...

yet you choose to send an allotment (which is $$, I'll assume)) to Willard, the Grand-Father of the legislation.

What do you call that "knot" you've twisted yourselves up in??

and who

Mike Thiac said...

Tony, you must be young and stupid so let me clear this up for you. I’ll type slow so you can keep up.

Never in my worse nightmare would did I think I would do this.

As I said many times before and implied here I didn’t want Romney. I would have preferred Perry, Santorum or Bachmann. One of the reasons is because Romney can be attacked on health care. But he has won the nomination and will be the Republican canidate.

Now I have the choice of Obama who will drive this country off the cliff in overdrive. At worse Romney will do it in first gear and we can work to reverse that. So one of the facts of life is if you have two bad choices, take the less bad.

To paraphrase The Great Detective, “One you have eliminated the unpalatable, whatever remains, no matter how regrettable, must be it.”

joseph said...

It is very important to screw the uninsured. Either they are too poor to afford insurance, in which case they are despised by God or they don't work for some government like a school, in which case they are simply lazy. Of course, in the long run only the super rich will be able to afford quality care, but that's ok because the super rich are inherently better than the rest of us and should rule over us in an oligarchy or plutocracy.
By the way, the stock market tanking might have had something to do with Chase losing 9 billion rather than the 2 billion originally reported. In fact, the stock market made up ground in the afternoon.