Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Going Galt

10:15:  Fox calls Ohio for Obama.

And we are done.

Florida is now moot.  As is Virginia.

And so we are done and America as we know it is done.  Make no mistake about that.  Those of us that work and have jobs will now be working to support 50% of the country who does not work and will never be compelled to work.  Free phones, food stamps, and single pay health care will now be the order of the day.  Generational debt, economic stagnation, and a total lapse in national security.

Iran and al Qaeda must certainly be celebrating tonight.

I'm truly scared for my country, my family, and the future.

This blog is going dark for a while.

It is over.


Jazz One said...

If you switch out a few names, that is exactly how I felt in 2004.

Celeste said...

I am shocked and devastated. "We" have chosen the candidate who made promises, has a track record of failure......the nanny state is here to stay. Medical care will decay. Our rights will slip away and we have no one to blame but ourselves.

Anonymous said...

Don't be so hysterical. In my adult life, we have had Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush II, and Obama. The opponents of each demonized them and said they were the equivalent of Hitler or socialists. You know what? My day to day life and basic freedoms have been about the same all along. I may agree or disagree with some of their decisions, but no president in our lifetime has made a fundamental change in our country. Settle down.

Anonymous said...

Obama's wealth redistribution efforts have paid off big time for him. The American Dream is over unless your dream is a career in the federal bureaucracy.

Mark in Portland (who spent 3 yrs in Shreveport)

Anonymous said...

Obama is the most blatantly Statist president we've ever had in office.

On election day, the supporters of Statism and Socialism hit us where it hurts - at the ballot booth.

Today, the supporters of Freedom and Capitalism are going to hit back where it'll REALLY hurt - we're going to vote with our wallets.

If you don't like that... tough. You can't stop me.