Tuesday, November 30, 2010

What Happened to My Vacation?

I'm taking the evening off from blogging; I'm worn out.  After a solid week off from work (Thanksgiving break), it took less than two days to wear me down again.  It's not my job so much but more of a "not enough hours in the day" thing.  I'm back to running 12 solid hours every day and by the time I get home, this week anyway, I just want to collapse. 

Yesterday after school I had to take mom to the eye doctor; today I had a meeting at 7, one at 7:35; classes until 2:15 where I'm trying to convey the excitement of Julius Caesar to sophomores, then back out to get mom's glasses, back across town to the pharmacy (where only one of two prescriptions for mom was ready); this required a forever wait in line.  Then into another forever line to pay for dinner groceries.  From there, to mom's to drop off the glasses and meds - and thank goodness for my brother who is living there now and tending to her meals and household chores. 

Tomorrow, another meeting - this one from 8 to 9 (no planning block for me tomorrow!), classes all day, then mom's errands (cigarettes, pharmacy, grocery store, liquor store), then finally home again to fix dinner.  I mean, I work 8.5 hours every day just like everyone else, and I know everyone is over scheduled, but dang!  I'm worn out!

So.  Instead of my bitchin' and bloggin', I'm going to refer you to this over at The Dead Pelican about Bobby Jindal's plummeting popularity.

Or maybe you'd like to know what Professor Jacobson thinks about "trolls."

But don't miss The Other McCain's post on nutjob Keith Olbermann.

And don't miss Jennifer Rubin's farewell at Commentary and do check out her new digs at The Washington Post.

Somebody go poke Bride of Rove; I don't like it when she's quiet.  She's still kicking around in the comments so I know she's there....

And when you finish with all THAT, go shopping!  And thank you so much to those of you that have already been shopping!  You ROCK  (this makes it all better)!


Villa said...

too bad for you..i have the best thanksgiving ever without feeling down..but hope you can get back soon..thanks

The Vegas Art Guy said...

I know the feeling. We don't do Romeo and Juliet until the spring, last year it went pretty well. Right now we're doing short stories and writing persuasive essays. I finally get to teach for three full weeks so I am excited about that, I hate working for three days and then two days and then three days... you get the idea.

Hutch said...

just tell the sophs to go listen to Mark Knopfler's version of Romeo and Juliet on the Making Movies album by Dire Straits...it will probably make more sense to them that way.....you better hope Mom has a tolerent attitude when I bring Kane and his crate to the house tomorrow or you may no longer have a live in helper.......

Red said...

A break is always good.