Saturday, May 26, 2012

Will the Choom Gang Story Cost Obama Any Votes?

So it turns out Obama was a stoner in high school.  Who knew?

Does it matter?  That's a legitimate question - I'd like to know if this information is going to sway anyone's vote this fall.

That Obama smoked pot in high school is the least of his offenses, it seems to me.  I'm not defending smoking weed, mind you.  It just seems to me there are much more obvious reasons to vote him out of office.

The more relevant part of this Obama-was-a-stoner story seems to be the obvious fact that nobody knew anything about him and yet elected him anyway.  Oh, sure, Obama wrote in his memoir that he smoked pot in his youth, but apparently nobody cared.  And now, it turns out, he was quite the avid and innovative smoker.  Will the fact that he was more interested in pot than we knew make any difference?

I'm sorry, but it seems a non-story to me at this point.  The people that voted for him in the first place probably won't care that he smoked pot; to many of them it might even be a plus.

Of course we don't want the President of the United States to be stoned but I don't think anyone is claiming that he's still smoking pot, are they?

I'm more interested in the fact that he's crushing the middle class.

I'm more interested in the way he's crippling American energy independence.

I'm more interested in his campaign against coal.

I'm more interested in his massive spending.

I'm more interested in his government takeover of health care.

There are lots of things that concern me more than Obama's pot smoking youth.   Do I think he's an embarrassment to this country (for lots of reasons besides smoking pot)?  You betcha.  But do I think we're going to defeat him in November by confirming something he's already admitted to?  Not really.

As Allapundit notes, "Apparently, we elected Pauly Shore."  

Vote him out and move on.

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