Thursday, April 9, 2009

Dasy, Roxana and the Masters

Thank goodness I am finally out for Spring Break! It was a long time coming this year. The kids have been alternately wild and exhausted and the teachers haven't been much better. Time for a break.

My plans for Spring Break include nothing more exciting than some spring cleaning, some blogging, a Tea Party, yard work, and reading. Down time!

As far as the news goes, I'm sort of behind on things this week. The story that has caught my attention this week has actually NOT been about D'Ohbama and his Apology Tour of Europe, but about Marcus Luttrell's dog. That story just breaks my heart. I've been upset about Dasy all week, and then I read this:

"Luttrell said he’s left town for now and wants to stay as far away as he can. Talking from a place he described as 'the middle of nowhere,' Luttrell said he knows the attack on Dasy pushed him to a place where he doesn’t want to be.

“'I was trying to talk myself out of being who I am,' he said. 'Talking to myself about not doing the one thing I am good at.'”

So say a prayer for Marcus Luttrell and be thankful there are guys like him. Here is Brandon Friedman's post about the incident and an embed of Luttrell's Glenn Beck interview.

The other news story that I'm just fixated on is the Roxana Saberi story as you can tell by my frequent updates on this blog about it. Part of what bothers me about that story is the willingness of people to blame her rather than have compassion for her. "Well she shouldn't have been over there in the first place!" Bah. Her situation looks grim, so hold a kind thought for her and her family. And don't forget that American Robert Levinson is over there somewhere also. What exactly is our State Dept. doing about these folks? Enough?

The Masters is calling from my television. Nothing in the world prettier than Augusta in April.

Happy Spring Break to me!

(Photo: Dasy, courtesy of Marcus Luttrell via Houston Chronicle)


Sandy said...

I have been twice to the Master's and there is no more beautiful, clean place on Earth. Just stunning!

Pat said...

Okay well I am just jealous now. Jealous.