Thursday, April 30, 2009

thirtysomething on DVD!!

I got a message today from Nikki who wanted to be sure I knew that thirtysomething is coming out on DVD (legally) finally! Woot!

This was my all time favorite show from day one of its run until the bitter end. I watched and taped every single episode. Hope and Michael were like old friends and Elliot got on my last nerve. I had a weird fascination with Miles Drentell! Loved the music in the show too - lots of Van Morrison.

Here is the scoop if you were also a fan.

Remember these guys!?


pundette said...

Oh, husband and I watched every episode but haven't seen it since. How well does it hold up?

Did you ever see EZ Street with Ken Olin? Just ran for one season but we really liked it.

Sarah said...

Oh, I used to "watch" that show (my mom actually watched it, I just pretended not to be) and I had the biggest crush on Ken Olin! I was boy-crazy then, too LOL