Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Roxana Saberi Formally Charged

Roxana Saberi has been formally charged in Iran as a spy.

The maximum penalty for espionage in Iran is the death penalty, but in 2000 ten Iranian Jews received prison sentences for similar charges, ranging from four to thirteen years; it is believed that the Revolutionary Court possible caved in to international pressure in that case.

With that as background knowledge, our diplomats in Washington need to be applying pressure to save Roxana Saberi. She holds both American and Iranian citizenship although Iran does not recognize dual citizenship. So far the Happy New Year video hasn't helped her much.

Her parents have been able to visit her and her father is vowing to stay in Iran until she is released.

To get the background on her case read here and here.

Update: WSJ has more here.

Update2: There is now a FreeRoxana Twitter you can follow.

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