Tuesday, April 28, 2009

On the Fly-By Photo Op Fiasco

I haven't weighed in yet on the fly-by-photo-op fiasco, and to be honest, I've been rather flabbergasted by it all. A total WTF moment.

How in the bloody hell we are supposed to believe that BHO didn't know anything about this is beyond me. I'm willing to bet that he knows EVERYthing that goes on, but at the very least, he would know if the AFOne back-up went out. Give me a break.

I'd hate to be the crapweasel that tried to pull this off without telling him. I just don't believe it happened that way.

I don't.

And if it did, that's even worse.

Who is in charge of this playground, anyway?

I'm on board with Little Miss Attila:

"Thank goodness these people will be in charge of making cars at GM and Chrysler, and that Obama is going to personally figure out what the best credit card would be for me—and for all Americans, since we are all basically interchangeable. The only thing that could improve the situation is nationalized health care, and the Administration is busily ramming that one through.We’re in the very best of hands."

Holy crap.


yukio ngaby said...

I seriously doubt that Obama knew much of anything specific about this. Security procedures probably dictate that someone told him one of the planes would be unvailable for so many hours because of a photo-op. But I doubt that they'd tell him they were going to buzz Manhattan.

Did anyone see that this stunt cost $338,835 according to Bloomberg? I can't wait to see where some of that whopping [sarcasm] $100 million dollar savings is going to come from. Not from cutting out poorly thought out publicity stunts apparently.

RightinFlorida said...

WTF indeed.

Sarah said...

OMG - I haven't had time to watch the video yet - it has the same eerie feeling of the 911 videos!

G.R. said...

I know there was no intent to create panic. I also feel that there was no idea that the publicity stunt would have even caused panic.
What sickens me is that Obama isn't taking any responsibility for what happened.
If he would could out and apologize for the acts of his administration, like he's going around the world and apologizing for everything America has done or hasn't done, I would accept his apology.
I won't accept his pointing an accusing finger to a low level flunky.