Sunday, April 26, 2009

Getting Dirty

I'm offline for most of the morning. I'm finally getting around to my annual planting and flowerbed cleaning today. I'm behind schedule but part of that I can blame on the soaking rains we've had around here lately.

Through the years I've moved more toward perennials and things that stick around all year, but I always like to plant some pretty impatiens for color and I love my while caladiums. Each year I try to pick up something new to add to the mix just for fun, and this year I found a pretty miniature calla lily. I'm not sure if it'll make it but I'm going to try.

I also have my normal marigolds because they do well in my yard and are colorful. A bonus is that they repel some bugs.

Last year my new addition was larkspur. I ordered the seeds from Monticello (oh, I know, you can get larkspur seeds at the supermarket, but THESE came from Thomas Jefferson's garden! Wow!) They bloomed for the first time this year and it's just gorgeous. I've really been enjoying those.

I've also got major flowerbed cleaning to do and grass to mow, so I better get to it. Time to get dirty.

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S.logan said...

The title made me click, and getting to read about flowers made me stay! I like a diversion from all the political posts! Calla lillies are my favorite, and larkspurs always remind me of the Nancy Drew book The Password to Larkspur Lane. :-)