Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tea Party Day!

Happy Tea Party Day!

I can't wait to see the nation today! I suspect that no matter how many people show up in their respective cities and towns that the left will still not "get" what we are protesting about, or will at least feign ignorance. In some cases that won't be an act.

Stay tuned to the internet today if you can't get to a Tea Party of your own. Glenn Reynolds will have coverage as will many other internet sites. I will send a couple of live-blog photos to this blog, then post more after its over.

Michelle Malkin has a little history lesson on how the Tea Party movement began.

Consider the possibility that you may be on local television or photographed for the newspaper. Even worse, consider that some ACORN infiltrator or other operative may try to talk to you.
Cynthia Yockey has some great advice for how to deal with a reporter should you be approached at your event. That may not be of such a concern here in Shreveport/Bossier, but you never know!

Along that same line, Michelle has a heads-up on some Code Pink and Daily Kos infiltrators and questions they are planning on asking. Be prepared!

Legal Insurrection explains the conspiracy theory. Also read his piece today about potential disruptions: When Fascism Comes to America, It Will Look Like Tea Party Crashers.

Read Ed Morrissey's post on the Tea Partys, also. He will have Tea Party coverage later this afternoon. Pointing to the rising spending, he says:

"That’s what drives the Tea Parties — not taxes today, but all of the spending that will eventually require crushing taxes to resolve. The Obama administration plans a spending spree unlike anything outside of world wars in our history, and wants to sell a fantasy that only the rich have to pay for it. It’s ridiculous on its face. The amounts are staggeringly high, and even 100% confiscation wouldn’t begin to cover it."

So find a Tea Party near you, take some canned goods to donate, take some signs, take your camera, and take your heart for America and go have a good time.

Let me know how YOUR Tea Party went!


Anonymous said...

Today's the big day... Citizens, assemble!

G.R. said...

RADICALS ALL! How dare you stand up for your rights to assemble and redress your grievances against your government?

This morning I heard a report on the radio where some guy, with a lisp and sounding so exasperated that people would even have audacity to protest against the Administration and this government, say something to the effect that the tea parties are being funded by a couple of individuals with big money and will have little effect.

I think the left, just like the Republicans in 2006 and 2008, are underestimating the anger of the American public. And I pray they are foolishly thinking this is just a Republican and conservative only movement.

So please radical left, keep thinking that and keep pushing your ridiculous agenda.

I also 'HOPE' they keep thinking their victory was a big land slide. It was in the electoral vote, but the it was only 52% in the popular vote.

Since most have never had a real civics lesson, they don't understand how the electoral the electoral college doesn't even begin to come into play in the Congressional mid-term elections. So please keep being stupid and keep pushing idiotic legislation like the immigration boondoggle, which will cause the dwarfing of the current tea parties.

I better not say anymore, because if there were a 10 point test to see if I am a Right Wing Extremist (RWE), I am 10 for 10.

As a military veteran I don't know what was the bigger insult. I'm a potential RWE for proudly serving this county, or even thinking about having my wounded brothers and sisters in uniform to pay for service related injuries.

I never thought I would see the day I wish we had Bill Clinton or Jimmy Carter in office.