Thursday, April 16, 2009

Where's Bobby?

If you live in Louisiana and you're wondering where your governor is, you might want to pick up one of these t-shirts from Old River Road!

Most recently, Bobby was on GMA telling Dick Cheney to stop criticizing Obama. However, many Louisiana residents find themselves wondering from day to day, Where's Bobby? He's, as Moon Griffon would say, out of the state more than he's in it.


The Vegas Art Guy said...

Too bad he never made it to Vegas!

G. R. said...

Give him time.
I heard on the radio, either this morning or yesterday, that Bobby has only a couple of days to travel and raise campaign funds. The legislature is preparing to go in session (so please pray for us in Louisiana, because the Louisiana legislature can come up with bills that have more pork than Jimmy Dean sausage), and while the legislature is in session, the Governor has to stick around until all state business is completed.
I have a feeling when the legislation session is over, everyone, but Louisiana, will be seeing Bobby.