Friday, April 24, 2009

Photos to be Released

This is another terrible call from the Obama administration; from FOX News:

"The Department of Defense -- on the heels of the firestorm over the release of Bush-era memos on CIA interrogation techniques -- said Thursday it plans to make public at least 44 photos depicting potentially abusive treatment of detainees at prisons in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The decision to release the photos was announced Thursday in a letter filed in a federal court in response to a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit filed by the American Civil Liberties Union in 2004."

Following closely after the selective release of the torture memos, this can only encourage our enemies against us. The Bush administration had effectively refused to release these photos, which reportedly are not nearly as inflammatory as the Abu Ghraib photos, and the Obama administration should as well.

It seems as if every move the Obama administration makes lately only serves to weaken our national security. If they don't believe these photos will do just that, they should only refer back to the reactions around the world of the Abu Ghraib photos which appeared on the front page of the NYTimes almost daily for weeks.

There's a line you must draw between transparency and national security.

We are quickly reverting to a 9/10 mindset and it is incredibly dangerous.


The Vegas Art Guy said...

reverting? We reverted on 1/20/09 to a 9/10 mindset! I just hope that this time it won't be a nuke or a dirty bomb.

S.logan said...

Wow. When those come out, it ain't gunna be pretty... More fuel for the liberal "treat 'em nice!" fire...

snaggletoothie said...

When in the presence of mouthy liberals just keep repeating, "Reid collaborated. Pelosi collaborated. There was full congressional oversight. Reid collaborated. Pelosi collaborated. There was full congressional oversight." They won't listen but some open minded person might hear the truth.

yukio ngaby said...

A question to ask is why is Obama doing this? What does he hope to gain? Who does he hope to discredit?

The most cloying thing about this, to me, is that he's playing with our national security for partisan politcal gains. And then has the gall (audacity?) to present himself as a bipatisan centrist.