Monday, April 6, 2009

Louisiana Tea Parties Update

We are 8 days away from National Tax Day Tea Party kickoff!

Michelle Malkin has a word of caution about the sleaze and smear tactics you should be watching for - go read this. She's right, too; I have been confronted and questioned by folks who don't understand the point or purpose of the Tea Party movement and scoff at our purpose. "What, you're protesting taxation without representation?!"

This protest is for anyone who disagrees with the excessive spending and bailouts coming from Washington from both Democrats AND the capitulating Republicans.

In Louisiana there will Tea Parties in Shreveport, Covington, Baton Rouge, Alexandria, Lafayette, Lake Charles, Mandeville, Monroe, Morgan City, and New Orleans. Go here for info on those if you are interested in attending. Here is the Shreveport info. Remember that our locations has changed and will be located at the Bossier Civic Center on Benton Road.

Don't forget to bring signs and canned goods! Make extra signs to share with those that may have forgotten to bring one! There will be a sign-making event in Shreveport at the Glenwood Tea Room on April 9 at 5:30 p.m. and in Bossier on the same date at Jake's Restaurant at 7 p.m. It's a good chance to meet and greet and get some signage done.

Bring cameras too, because you can't count on the left-leaning media to accurately report the event.


shirts4freedom said...

Let the neighbors know you love freedom.

Anonymous said...

There has been a lot of discussion via web on sending tea bags to Washington and state officials as a symbol of protest. They should be mailed to arrive prior to April 15th.

There are some that also recommend sending empty tea bags to avoid hazmat screening.

Anyway, I sent mine with the following letter:

You work for Me.
Don’t forget.

I haven’t been a very good employer.
I haven’t managed you well.
I haven’t held you accountable.
You probably think you are here to tell me what to do!
Heck, you probably even think I don’t know what I need or what’s going on!

Well, I understand.
I let it happen.
I neglected my responsibility of supervising you.
But, I am going to change that.

From now on...
I will be watching and measuring your performance in the job I selected you for.
I will ask, “Why and how you accomplished your tasks?”
I will ask, “Whose money do you think you are spending?”
I will ask, “Why do you think I should pay you and provide those “perks” you enjoy?”
I will ask, “What have you done to deserve your job?”
I will ask, “What have you done that improves what I consider important?”

Actually, I will be asking a lot of questions from you.
Further, I expect answers.
Facts, figures, records, documents - real accountability.
No more vague or suave speculations or opinions will be acceptable.
And I don’t want third-party input from your celebrity associates whether they are in the entertainment industry or the network industry.

And one more thing.
I understand that you may be slightly insulted considering that you are a professional and even consider yourself as having more expertise in many matters than I.
But, let’s get something clear.
That’s why I employ you for the job in the first place.
Out of the potential candidates for the position, you were selected as being the best to see the tasks accomplished to my satisfaction.
But, you still work for me.

I hope we have gotten all misunderstandings out of the way.
I look forward to a lot of progress this year.
However, if you are not willing to work under my terms of management, you are more than welcome to seek employment elsewhere.
Of course, relocation may be required.