Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Perino Visits Africa

Dana Perino has a piece in the Washington Times today about her trip to Africa. I have long admired Perino's work, her grace, class, and style as she stepped into the Press Secretary's job after Tony Snow.

After leaving the White House, Perino wanted to do something to "break off the protective shell" around her heart built from her "days at the podium" and so she returned to Africa where she had previously traveled with GWB in February 2008.

"I volunteered at Living Hope, in Fish Hoek, South Africa, a faith-based organization that leads several programs for people affected by all aspects of HIV and AIDS. Fifty-two percent of Living Hope's funding comes from the American taxpayer as part of the Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief started under Mr. Bush. After seeing the program in action, I can attest the money is well spent. "

Go here to read her article. Go here to read a profile of Perino.

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Sarah A. said...

Thanks for the link - and geez, I should have waited a day to profile her! LOL