Thursday, April 16, 2009

New Blogs!

I've added some new blogs to my blogroll; some of them are probably already familiar to you, I'm just lazy at updating sometimes.

One you may not have seen was tipped to me by Stacy in Dallas; it's called Immersion and is written by Stacy's friend Jessica who is in Japan now but on her way to South Korea to teach English. The blog is about Jessica's adventure and let me tell you, so far it is fabulous! And the photography is beautiful!

Be sure to take a look at it, and you'll be hooked. She's written so far about food, sightseeing, her broken foot, and most recently, attending a yakyuu game which, as I gather, is sort of like Japanese baseball.

It's nice not to think about politics ALL THE TIME!

(Photo from Jessica's blog, Immesion)

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snaggletoothie said...

I'd like to read more about what you think of Jindal. Andwhatyouand others have seen. I like him but that is based on very limited info. There just don't seem to be many decent choices. I have a brother-in-law who is a native of Louisiana (he graduated from Jena High School) and has always complained nonstop about the corruption in LA. But he seems rather pleased with Jindal and I respect his opinion. But from what little I've seen of Jindal I have a sense that he is competent, caring, honest and very intelligent. I like that he's a Christian. But I'd vote for a similarly qualified atheist, Buddhist or even Seventh Day Adventist.
You mentioned you like to read nonpolitical blogs. I'm in the midst of starting one that will be militantly nonpolitical. I wast to write about classic books. When I get it started I will be very interested in your opinion. Here's a url that gives a description of what I'm planning: