Tuesday, April 21, 2009

This is My Head Exploding

Excuse me, I know I'm a right wing extremist so maybe I'm not the brightest color in the box, so can somebody please translate this for me?

We need $80 million to close Gitmo, move the prisoners and relocate military personnel but we don't know where we're going to move them or what we're going to do with the personnel and really we don't NEED to close the prison at all because it meets Geneva, even Eric Holder said so, but part of the $80 million is for those foreign countries that are going to take prisoners, even though nobody has volunteered yet and we have to detain people someplace, and, and, and.....

...and I can't freakin' stand it.

Seriously, though, here is the excerpt:

"Obama seeks $30 million in Justice Department funding to shut down the Guantanamo detention center, review U.S. detention and interrogation procedures and fund future litigation.Another $50 million in Defense Department funds sought by Obama would support the relocation of the 240 prisoners at Guantanamo, which Obama has ordered closed by January, and redeploy military and support forces associated with the detention center on the Navy base.Some of the $50 million would also "provide assistance to foreign nations" as detainees are relocated."

Does this make any sense? We HAVE to detain people; the case has already been made about Bagram being the next Gitmo, so why not just keep Gitmo open and SAVE the $80K?

I'll never understand politics.

Oh wait - I think I get it. The going price on filling an empty campaign promise is...you guessed it - $80K.

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Sarah said...

"I'll never understand politics."

Judging by the last sentence, you already do. CHANGE YOU CAN BELIEVE IN!!!