Sunday, April 19, 2009

Was I Just Insulted?

I think James Carville just called me "an old crank" but senility is setting in and I'm not sure.

Watch this and let me know if I need to go get some Geritol or something.

Is he even relevant anymore?


Sandy said...

I saw that this morning and I don't even know why. I NEVER watch CNN! Carville just makes me mad every time I see him. What a dork!

G. R. said...

I was going to say something very ugly about James Carville, but then I thought, "No, I won't, because I would then be lowering myself to his level."

Carville was insignifican when he was with the Clinton Administration, as he is now. All he was good for was to cut someone's character to the quick, regardless of the truth.

And as a conservative, I will say this, the is why I don't hold Ann Coulter in high regard either. Intellectual converstation is one thing, nastiness is another. Too bad Carville married Mary Madalin (the spelling may be off) instead of Ann Coulter. They may be on opposite sides, but they're on the same level.