Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Nightly Reads

Here are some quick links for you this evening from my blogging buddies:

Doug Ross has a bedtime story for you.

Shreve Stockton at The Daily Coyote has an adorable calf tale you can't miss (and a photo!).

As the daughter and granddaughter of Cuban immigrants, Roxy has a special insight on the Cuban issue. Leave a comment for her and encourage her to write more on this topic! She has some things to say!

Suzanna Logan has a new blog and the comments are as much fun to read as her posts!

The Anchoress writes eloquently as always about the Catholic church and CT.

If you haven't already checked out Sarah's new blog design, you should. She did it herself!

I love the posts on education and teaching on this blog, which I've recently stumbled onto. Sometimes it's good to get away from politics!

Legal Insurrection is another great blog I've just discovered, full of quick, newsy bits and links. Love his quote from the Paglia comlumn!

And with that, I'm off to make some progress with The Yankee Years.

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