Saturday, March 28, 2009

Saturday Round-Up

Your gratuitous Rule 5 Sunday picture this week is of course Robert Stacy McCain and his Speedo!

Stacy wrote a great post this week on The Ransom Note Method which is how Rush Limbaugh became ensnared in the "FAIL" kerfuffle. It also explains the Ezra Klein tactics toward Ann Althouse to some degree. Go read the post - it's pure genius.

While you are visiting RSM be sure to check out the Menu-ized version of The Rules. I can't seem to beg or buy any link-love from Instapundit OR Memeorandum, but I'll keep invoking Rule 1 and my small contribution of Rule 2 in hopes that one day it will happen. Just so I can say they linked me.

I made a new BFF this week in Pundit and Pundette; I LOVE this site. LOVE LOVE the layout, too. I love Pundette's take in this post about the Economist article. Can I use the word "LOVE" one more time for this link?!

Little Miss Attila has some wise advice for BHO about the carpet.

Critical Narrative has a GREAT post on the subject of evil.

Professor William Jacobson calls out Ezra Klein - we're waiting Ezra. C'mon. Shy?

The Anchoress has the latest Hillary gaffe. Ed at Hot Air has some words on the same subject.

Women of the GOP has a great profile of Supriya Jindal.

Clever S.Logan has a new candidate for the Oval Office.

Sister Toldjah has the latest on the SCOTUS bashing.

Update: Welcome Memeorandum readers!! Thanks Memeo, for the link! :)


Sarah said...


jill said...

I can't believe I didn't see this one coming when I clicked on the RSM link.

jill said...

By which I meant the iconic Speedo photo. Hadn't read your kind words for me yet. Thank you thank you thank you. :D

jill said...

3 comments in a row - this shows very poor planning. But here you are, ladies -- go nuts! Jon Hamm & more Jon Hamm

Pat Austin Becker said...

Hmmm, he kinda reminds me of Ken Olin. I used to LOVE him in "thirtysomething." Gorgeous!

jill said...

Me too! You've got great taste.