Sunday, December 19, 2010

Full Metal Jacket Reach Around Early Christmas Edition

The family is in town this weekend for Christmas; all the Dallas relatives came over to see Mom and we had the family Christmas party at her house last night.  In recent years we've had the party at my place because it's so much work to pull  it together, but this year it's easier just to "come to her" rather than move her around.  At any rate, it was all a big success and fun was had, present were opened, and we are all very lucky.  Look at this awesome birdhouse my niece gave me!  And below, an awesome (and HEAVY!) sea glass wreath my daughter gave me!

I, of course, of COURSE, was fine Friday but woke up Saturday feeling like I'd been run over and with a deep chest cough.  I'll be making an appointment with the doctor tomorrow because I can tell THIS one needs antibiotics and ASAP. 

Two more days of school.  Finals. 

Here's a quick FJMRA because it's been a busy weekend in Washington and there's lots out there to see:

Let's start off with some pretty pictures from SWAC Girl!

Stacy reports on the end of the DREAM Act and the repeal of DADTJimmie Bise has comments.

Pirate's Cove notes the NYT concern for Obama's policy in light of the DREAM defeat.

No Sheeples Here has a beautiful Christmas roundup.

Reaganite Republican takes you back to the 60s with The Troggs.

Don't miss Doug Ross's Child's First Book of Government Regulations!  A sure classic.

Pundette's prayers have been answered!

It's a beautiful day in Mind Numbed Robot's neighborhood.

Legal Insurrection has yet another incredible entry in his Saturday Night Card Game.

The Daley Gator has some timely pointers for drinkers.

Critical Narrative notes the passing of Blake Edwards.

And finally, don't miss this column from Sarah about your furry friends!

It's back to bed for me.  If I rest up enough today I might be able to get through finals tomorrow and off to a doctor after that.  The good news is that my Christmas shopping and baking is all done!  Just R 'n R from here on out.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and enjoy the season!


robot said...

OMG! I just noticed that ASIGIS wasn't included in the neighborhood post. And you were on the list! Bad robot. Bad.
I shall correct that omission and offer reparations by adding you to this morning's roundup and the other as well.

Merry Christmas to you and yours, Pat. God bless. :)

sheryl said...

love your sea glass wreath!

i asked steven last night if he could talk. wish he told me he was having christmas. sorry!

Lynn R. Mitchell said...

Wintry greetings from the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, Pat! Thank you for the links to my snow and cardinal photos which show that we have snow on the ground but not as much as this time last year. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and yours! ~Lynn Mitchell

Hutch said...

Well it is all over. I was rwading an editorial this morning about Obama the Comeback Kid and how his deal with Congress on the tax cuts has salvaged his time in office and he is a lock to be re-elected.

More left wing liberal media bullshit to promote their agenda of running the country into the ground.

I did see one thing I liked this weekend. my brother in law had on a shirt with a pic of REAGAN that said 'DO YOU MISS ME YET?"

I am going to put my friend Larry in charge od the new U S Secret Police designed to arrest, house and execute liberals.

Merry Christmas