Sunday, December 12, 2010

Full Metal Jacket Reach Around: The Christmas Dogs Edition

I've got to wrap up all my shopping today.  The family is coming from Dallas next weekend and we're going to do our family Christmas at mom's on Saturday.  I still have some loose ends to finish which must be done today because this week (after work) will be consumed with the baking and cooking.  Thankfully we are having no blizzards here as Steve's relatives in the Midwest are having. 

Let's get to the links and then I can hit the stores before the crowds get out!

Doug Ross details Hezbollah in Venezuela.

Jimmie Bise adds to the growing list of horror stories out of the British Health Care System.

No Sheeples Here announces new responsibilities for the ShamWow guy.

Don't miss Ed Driscoll's "The Unmaking of a President."

Sister Toldjah reports on the bombing in Sweden.

The Pirate's Cove looks at ethanol subsidies.

Fishersville Mike has a climategate carol.

Sarah has had it with the jerks in Douglasville and is staying inside until next year.  I'm with ya, girl!

This is hilarious: Professor Jacobson's latest installment in the Saturday Night Card game.  No words.

Red is almost ready to fall back into the ranks!  Go Comcast!

Do you know what the "trusted traveler agreement' is?  Take your blood pressure meds and go check out DaTechGuy.

And finally, Reaganite Republican has his Sunday Funnies.

And now I'm off to Target and Old Navy to finish up a couple of things, then home to make pralines and more fruitcake cookies.  Stay toasty warm where you are and enjoy the rest of your weekend!


Red said...

YAY! I'm linked ;-)

Sarah said...

Thanks for the linkage!