Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Class Act

George W. Bush is a class act.

"Former President George W. Bush says he won't criticize President Barack Obama because Obama 'deserves my silence,' and says he plans to write a book about the 12 toughest decisions he made in office. Bush's speech Tuesday at a luncheon in Calgary, Alberta was his first since leaving office."

Meanwhile, Obama is still in campaign mode, blaming George Bush for everything.


NeNe said...

talk about think you were reading satire

Bush may be a lot of things, and not criticizing the current president in his first 100 days may be classy

but to declare the man himself a Class Act is laughable

yukio ngaby said...

Bush was far too nice and principled guy for current American politics. It made him unpopular and open to low-brow from all sides. They ignored the various policies that actively helped developing countries (did you read much about the American efforts in Africa?) He'll probably go down unfovorably in the history books (especially since Obama and his crew are using him as a Emmanual Goldstein). And still he conducts himself with dignity. Although I initially disliked him and continue to disapprove of some of his decisions, I respect him a great a deal. He deserves a great deal more respect than he'll ever get.

Anonymous said...

Bush is "classy", regardless of how many lives and harm he's cost the world, but Obama is "tacky" and classless because he gived the "wrong" toys to the children of diplomats. In case you don't realize, TENS OF THOUSANDS(!) OF HUMANS have died in IRAQ and Afghanistan. But i suppose its more important that a president provides the proper toys to diplomats? Also, in case you haven't realized, more Americans have died in the war in Iraq than died in 9/11. As a matter of fact, THOUSANDS more have died in Iraq than did in 9/11, looking for terrorists and weapons that never existed.

But, yes, that's no reason to stop the Bush is "classy" posts. So keep them coming.

I for one, feel like Bush is a good guy, just terribly inadequate. He meant no harm, but he caused a ton of harm by his inadequacy. You may not like Obama, but you don't help yourself by trying to raise up such an inadequate person as Bush with posts like this. What a joke.