Tuesday, March 24, 2009


There is no more GWOT! The Global War on Terror is over! Done. Finis.

However, we are now engaged in an Overseas Contingency Operation. Which means that since it's "overseas" there are no terrorists here.

At least not until Gitmo closes and they are released here.

Since there are no more "enemy combatants" then it makes sense that there is no more Global War or Terror. And we don't make "war" against terrorists, we just have a "contingency" plan.

Do we have to change those service medals now?

I suppose Radical Islamofascists are in fact Enthusiastically Religious Patriots.

It's all "just words", right?

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G.R. said...

So, does that mean the GWOT medal I got while serving in the Army during the Global War on Terrorism is now the OCO medal. If that's the case I need to call the people at what used to be called PERSCOM, now U.S. Army Human Resources Command, and have it changed on my 201 file.
And should I get some correction fluid and change the wording on all documents I have, including awards I received, from GWOT to OCO?
This is political correctness run amoke.