Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Rosanna Pulido

My friend Sarah has had her nose to the political grindstone these past couple of weeks doing some heavy research on Rosanna Pulido who is running for the vacated Rahm-bo seat in Illinois.

She's done some great research on Pulido and even had the opportunity to ask her a few questions.

"Rosanna Pulido is a strong voice against illegal immigration and has been fighting tirelessly against it for the last few years. Unlike many politicians, she understands the consequences and how much illegal immigrants cost taxpayers each year. She understands that illegal immigration is a big problem in this country and is not only costing us money, but jobs, resources, and even lives. She's also head of the Illinois chapter of the Minutemen."

I encourage you to check out Sarah's research and the candidate's own page. Even if you don't vote in Illinois, as conservatives we could stand to get a head start on reclaiming Congress in 2010. You can contribute to Pulido's campaign or offer whatever other support you can.

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Sarah said...

My quotes sound better on your blog than they do on mine! LOL

Thanks for posting!