Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Shreveport Tea Party

I spoke to Rob Gaudet today and it seems the Shreveport Tea Party is in full organizational mode. It's a big GO for April 15 at 5:00 p.m. Gerry May from KTBS is going to do an advance story on the event so watch for that soon.

Some of the details are still being worked out; the plan is to hold the event on the Shreveport Riverfront - ideally at Festival Plaza but it's not nailed down just yet.

Gaudet tells me that the event is being organized by a great, energetic and informed group of people from various backgrounds, all bringing unique skills to the table. They have nailed down their first speaker: La. Congressman Dr. John Fleming. Other speakers will include various small business owners and community leaders.

The response so far has been encouraging. According to Rob, thirty people registered on his site just yesterday and another sixty contacted him through the event's FaceBook page. There is also a Twitter page. So far about 200 people have expressed interest in attending which is a great response this early in the game.

There will be a voter registration drive at the Tea Party and you can count on there being a roast pig, of course. Plenty of pork!

Gaudet wants to encourage all attendees to bring signs and has examples and photos on the event site. Volunteers are also welcome. If you have something you think you can contribute or know someone who would be a great speaker, get in touch with Rob via either of the above links. You can also help by spreading the word and inviting people to come along.


Anonymous said...

This is the letter I enclosed with my teabags:

You work for Me.
Don’t forget.

I haven’t been a very good employer.
I haven’t managed you well.
I haven’t held you accountable.
You probably think you are here to tell me what to do!
Heck, you probably even think I don’t know what I need or what’s going on!

Well, I understand.
I let it happen.
I neglected my responsibility of supervising you.
But, I am going to change that.

From now on...
I will be watching and measuring your performance in the job I selected you for.
I will ask, “Why and how you accomplished your tasks?”
I will ask, “Whose money do you think you are spending?”
I will ask, “Why do you think I should pay you and provide those “perks” you enjoy?”
I will ask, “What have you done to deserve your job?”
I will ask, “What have you done that improves what I consider important?”

Actually, I will be asking a lot of questions from you.
Further, I expect answers.
Facts, figures, records, documents - real accountability.
No more vague or suave speculations or opinions will be acceptable.
And I don’t want third-party input from your celebrity associates whether they are in the entertainment industry or the network industry.

And one more thing.
I understand that you may be slightly insulted considering that you are a professional and even consider yourself as having more expertise in many matters than I.
But, let’s get something clear.
That’s why I employ you for the job in the first place.
Out of the potential candidates for the position, you were selected as being the best to see the tasks accomplished to my satisfaction.
But, you still work for me.

I hope we have gotten all misunderstandings out of the way.
I look forward to a lot of progress this year.
However, if you are not willing to work under my terms of management, you are more than welcome to seek employment elsewhere.
Of course, relocation may be required.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I assumed everyone knows to send teabags to Washington and state politicians to arrive before April 15th as a protest. Some are saying that the teabags might need to be empty of tea to avoid hazmat screening. (wow, what a world we have found ourselves in!)

Matt said...