Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Shreveport Tea Party

Shreveport is having a Tea Party on April 15!

I've contacted organizers for more information so check back if you are interested in participating or attending. I hope to provide more information as I get it.

Go here to sign up to help or to attend.

Here are some dates from the site:

Monday March 23rd - Organizers Meeting
Monday March 30th - Organizers Meeting
Monday April 6th - Organizers Meeting
Monday April 13th - Final Preparation Meeting

Wednesday April 15th - Shreveport Bossier Tax Day Tea Party 5:00 pm


NeNe said...

and when you are wandering around at the tea party - will you tell everyone that your taxes this year as a single mother school teacher in Shreveport, LA were LOWER this year and that you had no increase in your income tax?

i suspect not.

yukio ngaby said...

$787 billion and another $400+ billion and we haven't even started with Obama's ideological and expensive budget yet. Tell me if you think your taxes are going to remain at the level that they are now? And if you do, tell me how? And if we tax the rich and corporations (standard answers never really based in reality), then tell me how they won't pass the cost onto you in higher prices for services and products, etc.?

Pat said...

The Tea Parties aren't exactly about the income tax. There are LOTS of other taxes and issues that we are protesting.

Rick said...

Ne Ne, What in hell are you talking about? I would hate to think what Pat's taxes for this year is going to be under Obama. Hell, I hate think about what may taxes are going to be under Obama. I don't think anyone knows what their taxes are going to be this year under Obama.