Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Taxes? What Taxes?

Oh for crying out loud, isn't this just getting silly?

Is NOT paying your taxes a requirement for getting nominated to the Obama administration? Now it seems that Kathleen Sebelius, nominee for Health and Human Services secretary has made an "unintentional error" on her taxes over three different years.

Kathleen, meet Tim.
Tim, meet Tom,
Tom, meet Nancy,
Nancy, meet Mr. Solis,
Mr. Solis, meet Ron....

Is it too late to order one of those Tax Cheat stamps?

"The wheels of the bus go round and round...round and round....round and round..."


G. R. said...

I'm waiting for the punch line. This administration is like one of those jokes that seems to go on and on, and it seems that the person telling the joke can't get to the punch line fast enough. And like most jokes of this type, it probably won't be funny.

Now comes another tax cheat. I remember about five years ago, when I was in the Army, I some how forgot to make a change of status on (I think) the W-4, and ended up owing nearly $6,000.

I had the money and paid it. I wasn't angry. I was upset, not at the government, me, because I was the one who made the mistake.

What did anger me was the way I was treated next year. I got a nasty letter from the IRS basically calling me every thing but a Child of God.

By that time I had made the necessary changes. I ended up owing a couple of hundred dollars (which I paid), and I got another nasty letter that wasn't pleasant.

So my questions are, How can people who are our "national leaders" (snicker, snicker) get away without paying their taxes, but a soldier in serving in the Army makes a real honest mistake gets nasty letters and warned never to do it again, OR ELSE?

yukio ngaby said...

As the saying goes: "No wonder Democrats don't mind raising taxes-- they never pay them."

Dating said...

Couple of hundred dollars (which I paid), and I got another nasty letter that wasn't pleasant!