Saturday, March 14, 2009

Peace The Old Fashioned Way

Do you feel safer now? Cuba and Venezuela could soon be hosting Russian bombers.

What would Reagan do?

My guess: Peace Through Superior Firepower.


yukio ngaby said...

The bombers actually mean little, but the Russian, Venezuelan, and Cuban regimes are using the act as a test run, seeing how the president reacts. My bet is that Obama does little and hopes it all goes away, whereas a Reagan or a Kennedy would be going eye to eye over this. Obama's focus on the domestic is what makes me scared.

Pat said...

I agree, yukio. I think Reagan would go right ahead and put his missiles in Poland and anywhere else he wanted to.

Obama's own staff has said (off the record, of course) that he's not very interested in foreign policy. Makes me VERY nervous.

Anonymous said...

From my understanding, the Obama Administration, who says it will be open and not secretive as the last administration, has already done covert dealings with the Russians concerning missiles in eastern Europe. Only thing is the Obama Administration has possibly made all the concessions, in not placing the missiles, and didn't get anything in return, except "O.K." from the Russians.
I remember a couple of years ago, the North Koreans tested a long ranged missiles, and a certain senator, now Secretary of State went ballistic in a Senate hearing and screamed at some generals, "How could this have happened?"
How I wish I were the general being questioned. The answer would have been, "Damn Madam Senator, I don't know. Maybe you should ask your husband who gave the technology to the Chinese in exchange for God knows what, and in-turn gave that technology to the North Koreans."
And this is the person who the Obama Administration is trusting to handle foreign affairs?
As long as sheep act like sheep, the wolves will continue to feast.

Anonymous said...

If you have never seen a bomber you are missing out! Having been an air force spouse who's spouse supported the bomb wing. I can honestly agree that "PEACE THE OLD FASHIONED WAY" is the way to go! Keep those babies flying! Remeber our military are the real super heros! They keep us safe. Peace the old fashioned way!