Saturday, March 14, 2009

Saturday Round Up

Gratuitious Rule 5-beefcake-Round-Up picture this week is Matthew McConaughey.

It's been a hectic week both at work and in the blogoverse for me. First I ticked off William, then groveled my way back into good graces; the mini-brouhaha didn't escape the notice of the Master of the Rules and so between the two of them (and CNN linking my Shinseki Shuns Vets post) I had a thrilling little avalanche of sitemeter frenzy.

So on to my Saturday round-up:

In his radio address this morning BHO decides not to talk about the economy but talks about peanut butter.

Andy McCarthy comments on the "enemy combatant" business, suggesting that the BHO administration may think they are "better vetters" of who might need to be detained than the Bush administration had been. Given the successful vetting of their own cabinet appointees, I'm not so sure.

Ed Whelan has the easy answer to the "enemy combatant" thing: "Maybe President Bush should just have changed the name of Guantanamo. Then he could have announced that there were no longer any enemy combatants at Guantanamo."

Sarah has posted a LONG list of songs for the Obama administration soundtrack.

Ed is rightfully concered about Russia basing bombers in Venezuela and Cuba: "It took John Kennedy more than a year to precipitate a military standoff with the Soviet Union over Cuba in the 1962 missile crisis. It’s taken the Obama Amateur Hour less than two months." Yikes!

Suitably Flip has done a nifty analysis of the Daily Kos site traffic since the election. File under "Be careful what you wish for."

Don't miss Don Surber's 52 Days, 52 Mistakes tally. Don't miss the comments; readers are posting their own additions.

Instapundit has updates on the Columbus, Ohio Tea Party protest.

Robert Stacy McCain is having a contest.

Sippican Cottage has another eloquent and beautifully written post, this one about our quest for immortality and Frank Millet (QUICK - who is that?!)

Update: Welcome back RSM readers! I'm humbled by 'lanche3 (yes, I'm keeping count!) Still waiting on that blogroll add, Stacy. How 'bout it?


William A. Jacobson said...

When are you going to let us see your SiteMeter so we know whether to have SiteMeter Envy or Sitemeterenfreude?

Pat said...

I don't think I'm guilty of Sitemeterenfreude but I definitely have Blogger Mood Disorder and probably have SiteMeter Fever.

Sadly, my SiteMeter is still too dismal to display publically. Self-humiliation is not one of my ailments.

Sarah said...

I had too much fun getting responses for the "soundtrack," so I had to use them all.

smitty1e said...

Had some fun with your link.
Cheers, Chris