Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wednesday Night Linkfest

IBD Editorials seems to be echoing what has been on my mind this week about national security. They reference the Washington Post article about disarming pilots; the Obama administration has issued a statement denying this practice. They heard the outcry, perhaps?

William Jacobson has a great post on Shell and alternative energy. Jacobson also has the Official Guide to Obama Kitsch - simply incredible.

Critical Narrative has a nice response and analysis to the American Thinker article about the OFA and the cult-of-Obama.

Texas Rainmaker has some comments on the NCAA Tournament BARACKet.

And via Insty, an interesting montage of news coverage:


yukio ngaby said...

You know the link on "Constant Conservative" actually goes to "Critical Narrative" blog.

Thanks for the link, though.

Pat said...

ugh - sorry Yukio! Never blog when exhausted.

Link fixed and thanks for telling me!