Monday, March 9, 2009

Employee Free Choice Act

LSUS Professor Jeff Sadow has a great post about the Employee Free Choice Act which is due to come up in Congress tomorrow.

This is a rotten piece of legislation as Sadow explains it.

"Under this law, a union could continue collecting signatures up to an absolute majority and then skip the election entirely – something either [Representative Charlie] Melancon doesn’t know or is being deceptive about when he says a company could call for an election under the new guidelines."

He goes to add that "besides its assault on workers’ freedom, choice, and rights, the bill will have serious deleterious effects on the economy because it allows for the artificial distortion of the market, increasing the price of a good (labor) above its true worth as does any cartel. Studies consistently show that unionization reduces the number of jobs, a conservative estimate being 765,000 in two years if this bill is adopted."

Read the whole thing; it's an eye opener!

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