Saturday, March 28, 2009

Tea Party Mania

Something is brewing with all these Tea Parties!

Instapundit has pictures of today's Tea Party in Stamford, CT. and also makes note of the crazy-long lines for Mark Levin's new book (which I have ordered!) . He also points to a link about the Tea Party in Cape Coral, Florida which was canceled because ... they were afraid too many people would show up. Crazy.

A radio station in Carson City is handing out tea bags to listeners today and encouraging them to mail them to their representatives in Washington.

The Shreveport Tea Party is scheduled for April 15, 5:00 at The Louisiana Boardwalk. As of now, reports are that there are at least 300 scheduled Tea Parties for April 15, and each state is participating. At least ten cities are expecting over 5,000 people.

Will the mainstream media cover them?

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