Monday, March 30, 2009

Tea Party Call to Arms

Two weeks to go until the Shreveport Tea Party - or whatever Tea Party is happening near you!

Robert Stacy McCain has a powerful call to arms you should go read. Enough already with the whining about the media not covering the Tea Parties. RSM is right; if enough of us show up, all across the country, they'll have no choice but to cover it. And besides, it'll be fun! RSM even invokes the good-natured Boon and Otter - how can you refuse! Wear togas!

The Shreveport Tea Party will be held at the Louisiana Boardwalk so you can do your part to stimulate the economy while you're there. Do some shopping! See a movie! If you don't fill up on roast pig at the Tea Party, there are plenty of restaurants down there where you can get your fill!

Don't forget that the Shreveport organizers are asking that you bring canned goods to contribute. La Outlaws will provide entertainment and Congressman John Fleming will be one of the speakers. Good times.


G.R. said...

Looking at the "Animal House" picture, I couldn't help but remember (one of the most classic lines in cinematic history)where "Otter" was trying to consloe "Flounder" about the car that was damaged on the Road Trip.

The line from the movie could be used by the Obama Administration, "You can't spend your whole life worrying about your mistakes. You Fucked Up. You trusted us."

Sandy said...

I heard on the radio today that the Boardwalk had backed out on the Tea Party. Search is underway for another location according to 71KEEL radio.

Pat said...

I'm checking on that now Sandy - thanks! I don't see anything definitive on their site except "Shreveport Riverfront." I'll update when I hear back.