Monday, March 30, 2009

John Rich on Glenn Beck

I saw John Rich Sunday for the first time; he was on Glenn Beck and was talking about his grandfather who was a WWII veteran. His grandfather was a "tunnel rat" during WWII and earned multiple Purple Heart commendations.

I liked this verse:

"If it wasn’t for the good lord and the man
there wouldn’t be a breath of freedom in this land
and I see people on my T.V. taking shots at Uncle Sam
I hope they always remember why they can
cause we’d all be speakin’ German livin’ under flag of Japan
if it wasn’t for the good Lord and the man."

Rich talked about "The Greatest Generation" and about how his grandfather lied about his age in order to enlist; he was 17 at the time. He talked about the pride that young men felt in serving their country.

I was reminded of my own father who wanted to enlist so badly and didn't weigh enough. He had to eat bananas to gain enough weight so they'd take him. My grandmother didn't want dad to enlist; he was her only child. Nothing would stop him. He was Army Air Force and served primarily as a flight instructor.

If you get the chance, catch John Rich and his new album. It's worth a listen!

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