Monday, March 9, 2009

The Senate is Just Like High School

I'm watching CSPAN coverage of the Senate vote on a couple of issues and I am reminded of my own high school classroom at times, especially when the call for order goes out: "Take your conversations outside!" And then the request has to be repeated because nobody listens or obeys.

I'm going to blame it on the time change but my kids were nuts today. That, and maybe the fact that we're in the State basketball playoffs and everyone is keyed up.

Our students are not supposed to have cell phones at school. Of course they all do (including my own child who attends there.) So at best, they are certainly not supposed to have them out in class. Today I busted two different kids in two different classes texting during class. Both refused to turn over their phones - a big "no no." They have to serve detention to get them back; when you refuse to turn it over, you get suspended. So WHY would you refuse to turn it over?


Then The Teenager sends me a text (from his Art class) to inform me that he is dying and needs to go home (to die in the comfort of his own bed, I presume.) He aches and has a sore throat. So on my planning block I took him home. Shortly after I get another text. "I'm dying. I threw up. Come home now."

I was in class and didn't respond right away. I get another text. "I'm still dying."

When I finally got home (and called him in sick to work, twenty minutes before his shift) I took him to the doctor; probably strep. He will live.

So now I'm watching CSPAN and thinking, "God, these Senators are like my high school students. They pay no attention to anybody and do exactly what they want to do."

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