Saturday, May 8, 2010

Full Metal Jacket Reach Around: The Mother's Day Edition 2010

This is the Mother's Day edition because, of course, it's Mother's Day weekend.  This is a picture of the flowers that were waiting for me when I got home yesterday!  My daughter in Dallas sent them to me and they're lovely!  I'm taking my own mother some red geraniums for her front porch - she loves them, and hers died over the winter. 

Not much else is happening.  I'm counting the days until school is out for the summer.  It was Teacher Appreciation Week last week and so we were pampered and spoiled all week, treated with lunches, breakfasts, gifts, and Friday there were four massage therapists in the lounge treating us to massages!  Awesome!

Steve and I started watching America: The Story of Us last night.  We've TIVO'd it because it conflicts with The Pacific on Sundays.  I'm not sure about this series right now.  The narrative is interesting but the commentary I could do without.  I find seeing some Hollywood liberal telling me how important the Constitution  is a little disconcerting. I won't dwell on that right now...I'll give the series a chance, but the commentary is unnecessary, I think.

I've got a busy day ahead so let's get to the links:

Fishersville Mike points to a post by TaxProf Blog about cuts in pensions looming for professors; we're looking at that here in Louisiana for regular teachers, so I'm going to take a close look at this post. 

In related news, Wyblog says merit pay for teachers is coming in NJ.  Big mistake.

Reaganite Republican notes that BP's biggest financial recipient of political donations was Barack Obama.  Irony.

Ruby Slippers finds a bit of buyer's remorse with regard to Obama.  Not enough yet, I'd say.

No Sheeples Here is busy and doing exactly the kind of things I love to do!  (NOT the doctors appointments; I mean the house stuff!)

Pundette has been gardening too, and still keeps up with the world.  I'm envious.

Speaking of gardening, I don't think anyone has Sandy beat!  One kick ass garden!

Bread Upon the Waters has video of the Tennessee floods and how to help.  Gateway Pundit gets  in on the information sharing, too.

Sister Toldjah has a post on Gov. Jan Brewer (with video).

Smitty at The Other McCain has posted a sure-to-make-you-weep video.  Really.  I cried all the way through it.  I love our soldiers!

Doug Ross is having some fun with National Offend a Feminist Week.

Oh Jimmy, say it a'int so!  Really!  Please tell me this is PhotoShop...  Please!

Left Coast Rebel has more on the Live Oak High School brouhaha.  Pirate's Cove has the principal's apology.

Bride of Rove is trying to make sense of Wall Street.

Legal Insurrection has thoughts on Obama's upcoming Supreme Court pick.

I've got to go mow grass now so I can hit the showers before the Teenager does.  He's got bronchitis now, and has to go to work this afternoon.  (Yes, I took him to the doctor and got drugs!).  He's a trooper.

Have a great weekend!


Chris Wysocki said...

"Big mistake"? You gotta give me more than that! Why is it a mistake? I think it's worth trying if done right (ie based on more than test scores). The one size fits all pay scale seems to reward the slackers and does nothing for the teachers who really go the extra mile.

MarySue said...

Happy Mother's Day Pat and thanks for the link :)

Red said...

Happy Mother's Day Pat ;-)

Sarah said...

Happy Mother's Day, Pat!!

Reaganite Independent said...

Thanks Pat- great lineup this week...