Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Crying Babies

Sister Toldjah posted the portion of the Obama Notre Dame speech - the part with the crying baby in the background. It called to my mind a different speech.

About halfway through this Obama clip, as he is prattling on about himself, his website, his campaign workers, his abortion stance (me, me, me), a baby starts to cry. In this audio it's hard to hear, but you can hear it. He ignores it.

It made me think of the speech Sarah Palin gave in October. A baby was crying in the background and Palin stopped her speech, smiled and said, “Don’t worry one bit about any crying baby,” Ms. Palin said. “That’s the sound of life. I love it, that’s good. I say that, too, because the next one crying could be my son.”

I thought her response was lovely. His, not so much.


G. R. said...

You really have to admire Obama for his humility in this matter by not showing off. He very easily could have looked in the general direction of where the the baby was located, raised his hands, and say, "Peace, be still!" and thus quieting the child.

Red said...

Palin 2012

Paul Endris said...

Obama was going to ask the baby to be quiet or leave, but realized his party has already silenced millions of babies.