Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Not One Red Cent! Goes Viral

The Not One Red Cent site has gone viral. We are everywhere! The site has had over 3800 visits so far and counting!

Marco Rubio is the real deal. Watch the video. No Teleprompter. The only notes he appears to use is when he quotes the Kennedy speech. The poll that came out today indicating high numbers for Crist is likely to change dramatically as Rubio's name recognition swells and if this aggregation is any indication, Rubio is to be taken seriously:

Moe Lane: Watchmen on the Wall of World Freedom
Red State: Watchmen on the Wall of World Freedom

Hot Air: What Charlie Crist is Up Against

Robert Stacy McCain: What Charlie Crist is Up Against

Pundit and Pundette: Marco Rubio Video: Do Not Ever Forget the Greatness of America

Erik Erickson: The Problem with the NRSC's Crist Endorsement

John Hawkins: Bloggers to the NRSC: Stay Out Of Primaries!

Matt Lewis: Conservative Blog Hopes to Defund NRSC

The Sundries Shack: Marco Rubio is the New Hotness: NRSC Is, Well, Not

Hyscience: Marco Rubio Video Shows Why NRSC's Endorsement of Charlie Crist in Florida Senate race Was a Stupid Move

The Hill's Blog Briefing Room: Conservative Bloggers Petition NRSC to Stay out of Florida

Riehl World View: Conservative Bloggers and the NRSC

Townhall: WOW! Marco Rubio: Future of the GOP -- If the GOP Doesn't Get in His Way

Fausta's Blog: Listen to Marco Rubio

Weekly Standard: Marco Rubio vs. Charlie Crist

Right Wing News: John Cornyn Ducks and Covers to Avoid Taking Questions About the Crist Endorsement

And the Memeorandum links are growing and growing...

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