Sunday, May 31, 2009

Where Am I?

Quick! Where am I?

Fast food take out.
Ocean view.
Tropical breezes.
Recreation fields.
Communal living.
Computer Lab with brand new laptops.
Sudoku puzzle books
Sketch pads and colored chalk
Multilingual library.
Language classes
Picnic area.
Air conditioned housing.
Sports equipment.
Activity Area w/DVD, VCR & stereo.
Satellite TV - including al Jazeera
Specially prepared high calorie meals.

So......where am I?

1 comment:

twolaneflash said...

Casa de Gitmo, baby, where only the swellest of the swell lounge and plot the infidel's death. Capture and detainment compliments of the militaries of The United States of America and a few staunch allies. Luxuries and excess expenditures, media celebrity, access to liberal lawyers and to the Dept of Justice court system, compliments of the liberal left in Congress and in The White House. President Bush understood the difference in power and purpose between the Dept of Defense and the Dept of Justice. DoD captured and now holds some 250 jihadis at Gitmo, having processed over 500 detainees out by military tribunal, the traditional and legal trial system for enemy combatants. To "criminalize" these men, steal the judicial power and authority from the DoD and give it to the DoJ, gives these enemy combatants the aid and comfort of the justice-for-sale American judicial system. It is a windfall profit for lawyers, court reporters, the media, and the unbalanced liberals in Hollywood. The most recent federal judicial ruling on the Gitmo vacationers was correct: the military can hold these men forever, period. I believe the comforts should be removed and the accomodations be made as much like a cave in Afghanistan as possible. "Coffee break's over Mohammed. Back in your hole."