Sunday, October 18, 2009

Will Palin Make an Endorsement in the NY-23 Race?

Robert Stacy McCain, blogging at The American Spectator, is among the voices wondering why Sarah Palin has not offered an endorsement of NY-23 congressional candidate Doug Hoffman:

"Hoffman's grassroots supporters say time is running out for Palin to make an endorsement, if she is to have any impact on the Nov. 3 election, now barely two weeks away. Hoffman is endorsed by the pro-life Susan B. Anthony List, and some of Hoffman's pro-life supporters have reportedly launched an e-mail campaign -- including prayer requests -- to secure the endorsement of Palin, whose pro-life bona fides would carry weight with the significant share of conservative Catholics in the rural upstate New York district. "

Politico had an article last week about Palin's notable absence from two important gubernatorial races, noting that she had offered her services but neither New Jersey's Chris Christie or Virginia's Bob McDonnell have taken her up on her offer of help. Politico concludes that her endorsement might do more harm than good:

“A prominent rally with Palin could easily send the independents to the Democratic candidates, and at the same time, she could motivate the Democratic Party base to turn out at a higher rate,” explained University of Virginia professor Larry Sabato.
Many pundits see the NY-23 race as a bellwether for what may come in the 2010 elections. Can Palin help or hurt those candidates? Is she "too polarizing," as some say? Will she make an endorsement in the NY-23 race? Stay tuned.

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ConRep said...

I am in the 23rd District and I can tell you that history is being made. Doug Hoffman has hundreds of volunteers working for him and has opened offices all over the district. The other two have absolutely no ground game. A McLauglin and Associates poll demonstrates that only 24% of northern New York voters want to vote for a Democrat, 58% want a conservative Republican, and 8% want a liberal Republican. The RINO Republican CAN NOT win this race. In addition to being too liberal, she is just not likeable. That is why the RNC had not given Scozzafava a dime 'til Friday. She had no money left and couldn’t continue. So in order to save face, the Republican Party went into panic mode and (I think) got an unwitting Gingrich to write this endorsement. I am sure he regrets this decision as (I believe) it will seriously harm his chances for 2012. Hoffman has the only campaign with hundreds (and very soon thousands) of people working the ground game that will ensure turnout on election day ... and that is what it's all about. Remember Rove's ground game in 2004. Because of the aforementioned, Doug Hoffman's chances of winning are good. In backing Doug Hoffman, Sarah Palin would be backing a winner and further solidify her conservative base for 2012.