Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Michelle Visits the Oil Spill

Is it just me or is this outfit supposed to look like someone spilled oil all over it?

(Photo credit:  Reuters)


Red said...

So she shows up and magically the oil obeys her command? Get off the beach you hack!

Jazz One said...

I know Drudge ran that photo on his website without context. I am no genius but it took me just a few seconds of googling to find the context of this photo.
It was to help the tourism industry to let people know that not all gulf beaches have been affected.
Now I do agree that the shirt was not the best choice, but I seriously think you may be reading too much into it. I don't think it was intentional. If you are at the beach trying to help the suffering tourism industry, I doubt you'd intentionally wear a shirt that hints at the oil spill.
It really seems like conservatives and liberals have switched places.

Red said...

"It really seems like conservatives and liberals have switched places. "
Now there's a generalization.

Jazz One said...

Red, to clarify what I mean by that is I hear the same type of rhetoric I hear on right wing radio as I did on Air America only with different names. During Bush, Cons blamed Clinton. You see Libs blame Bush. Libs had war protest, now the Cons have Tea Parties. Bush is Hitler, Obama is Hitler (tho, as soon as you make a Hitler reference, I think one immediately loses the argument).
I am a Liberal. I call myself a Common Sense Liberal. I think both the Far Right and Far Left are both nuts and do more damage than good.
Ultimately it isn't about Left or Right, it is one group being in power and the other group being out of power. No matter what your stripe, when your group is out of power, it is easy to color those in power as tyrannical.
It is like when people talk about "activist judges". What is an "activist judge"? It's a judge that makes decisions you don't agree with. When you agree with them, they are judicious and make wise decisions. Both the left and the right use that term "activist judge".

Fenway_Nation said...

It's a rorschack test....

10ksnooker said...

In your face dressing ...

Laurence L. said...

Let me be clear:
Activist judges are not judges one disagrees with, they are judges who sit on the bench and make rulings in open violation of the US Constitution that they are sworn to uphold and defend.

No liberal, whatever stripe, has any common sense. They have no sense at all.

Cons are people who are or have been in jail, having been convicted of a felony, or high misdemeanor.

If you think that 'Far Right and Far Left' are both nuts, then I think you are saying then that the far left is doing more damage than good, and I would certainly agree. The Far Left are the ones in the White House, and running Congress.

I hope I haven't taken or used anything out of context.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it does! lol

Quite Rightly said...

Heard on Glenn Beck today that Bergdorf Goodman in NYC moved a copy of M's oil-spill dress to their display window. I wonder if it's supposed to be accessorized with a Mao cap.

Bob K. said...

She sure knows how to pick her wardrobe... here's my previous favorite:

My Mother's Kitchen Curtains {click to view] from around 1964!

Jazz One said...

Recently a Republican candidate for Congress out of Missouri is claiming that his opponent and Obama is taking away freedom to find Salvation. Here is link to the audio:
As a Liberal, I cringe pretty much anytime PETA says anything.
The far right and far left both say and do stupid things. I know most of you guys are conservatives, but seriously do you think Obama is trying to come between you and salvation?
I try not to judge all Conservatives by what the extremist say. I also hope you don't color Liberals all the same due to what left wing extremist say.
We are all Americans, and more or less affected by the same problems. We have differing opinions how to make things better.
I try not to insult anyone directly, my parents raised me well. I try to respect those I disagree with. I am a Common Sense Liberal. If someone is hungry, you feed them. If someone is sick, you help them. God gave us the Earth, we should take care of it. I find the Beatitudes as important as the Ten Commandments. No one likes taxes, but Jesus said pay you taxes. "Pay unto Caesar...", he didn't say become Caesar. In my Bible, those things are in red. A lot of this comes from my faith. I try to apply WWJD to every applicable thing. I believe in the things I learned in high school Civics class. I think this is common sense.
Pat, keep up the good work with the blog. I may not agree with everything, but I do enjoy reading it.

G.R. said...

Fenway Nation said, "It's a rorschack test...."

I looked at the test and saw stupidity, and that's before I even looked at the "ink blots".

Laurence L. said...

Why was everybody calling it a 'dress'? It looked a lot like sleeveless shirt/top to me, and she was wearing slacks, not a skirt. (Have I been d-i-v-o-r-c-e 'd too long?) Chicks I know wear shirts, and then they wear dresses. Is BergieG calling it a dress?

Anyway, it was kind of an unusual pattern, and it could have been a 'subliminable' message on her part--some sort of solidarity with the spill victims thing. Or maybe the lights weren't working in her closet that morning.